The Curriculum Values

The Rwandan curriculum is underpinned by the values that represent the basic beliefs of the nation. These basic values permeate the curriculum and all the processes of schooling and which students will also develop. The ‘Curriculum Values’ are those that underpin the curriculum itself and which determine the nature of the subject syllabi.

Curriculum Values

Excellence, aspiration and optimism; Equity and inclusiveness; Learner-centredness; Openness and transparency; The importance of family Rwandan culture and heritage

Basic Values

Dignity and integrity; Self reliance; National and cultural identity; Peace and tolerance; Justice; Respect for others and for human rights; Solidarity and democracy; Patriotism; Hard work, ommitment and Resilience

Phasing of Implementation of the Curriculum

The implementation of the curriculum will be such that learners study the complete three year programme in each stage of schooling before they sit the new national examinations aligned to the new curriculum. Thus, implementation will be done as follows:

• In the year 2016, the curriculum was introduced in S1 and S4.
• In the year 2017, the curriculum will be introduced in S2 and S5.
• In the year 2018, the curriculum will be introduced in S3 and S6.

Latest From The School

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    A dance troupe of Ecole des Sciences de Musanze is a group of dancers and associated personnel who work together to perform dances as a spectacle and or entertainment for other students.

  • Reading facility

    Our library provides relevant information resources with new books. We encourage our students to effectively make use of our books.

  • Sport at School

    Sport is one of the key elements we are based on for better studying