The Curriculum Aims

The vision determines the aims for the curriculum and for learners. These aims define what the nation envisions its young people to be by the time they leave education and the nature of curriculum that will bring this about. Curriculum Aims and Objectives

To ensure the Curriculum:

- Is engaging, dynamic and aligned to the future employment needs of the nation and the global economy;
- Challenges all young people to optimize their achievement;
- Promotes standards comparable with the highest internationally in terms of competencies, knowledge and skills.
Student Aims and Objectives

To develop students as:

- Patriotic and responsible citizens, ready to play a full part in society;
- Confident and self-reliant people, ready to take their place in the labor market;
- Successful life-long learners, ready to adapt to new situations, and be agents of change;
- Creative and innovative individuals who are curious, adaptive and productive.

Latest From The School

  • Cultural troupe

    A dance troupe of Ecole des Sciences de Musanze is a group of dancers and associated personnel who work together to perform dances as a spectacle and or entertainment for other students.

  • Reading facility

    Our library provides relevant information resources with new books. We encourage our students to effectively make use of our books.

  • Sport at School

    Sport is one of the key elements we are based on for better studying