Tests and Evaluations

In terms of Evaluation, the school uses mainly three types of evaluation: Predictive Evaluation

This is the type of evaluation which is done prior to the training and used to determine a level at which a learner can master a given type of learning. In this case, we provide such evaluation tests at the beginning of each and every term so as to help teachers know how ready students come from holidays, and therefore know where to start with the new term.

b. Formative Evaluation

This is the type of evaluation where the teacher puts the judgment on learning any time during the lesson and with the aim of helping learners to improve in the learning process. Such evaluation tests are given to students on a daily basis according to the teacher’s organization so as to evaluate the level at which his/her course is being understood. The teacher is free to announce to students when the test is to be done so that they get prepared, or can he/she improvise during the lesson to check how much the students are following the course.

c. Summative Evaluation

This is the type of evaluation where the teacher makes a judgment on the learning in terms of the learning process and does it in the form of a balance sheet, in evaluating the knowledge that a student has acquired during the course or during one stage of the course. For this type of evaluation, we have two categories of tests:

 Mid-term tests: as scheduled in the term school calendar, these types of tests are done in the middle of each term to help students and teachers locate strengths and weaknesses in each subject course and try to find remedial solutions where necessary for the remaining half of the term.

 End-of-term/End-of-year tests: these are tests done at the end of the term/year so as to evaluate and make decisions on who is able to pass to next grade and who is advised to repeat the grade.

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