Sports help students relax, strengthen student’s relationships among themselves, with teachers, and administrative staff and help students enjoy school life together while feeling at home. We have sports activities on daily basis after classes. You may refer to the daily calendar to know sports time. Sports are divided into volleyball, basketball, Netball, Hand ball, Football, Traditional dance, athletics and rugby which is in its elementary phase.


Besides ordinary sporting activities, our school has introduced since 2009, what is known as STAR LEAGUE. This is a league that brings together all the students in different disciplines. Every student is obliged to register in one of the following disciplines: Volleyball, Basketball, Net ball, Handball, Rugby and Football. And to make sure every student participates, no team is allowed to have more than three substitutes. At the end of the tournament, the best two teams in each discipline are given trophies and other awards. GYM TONIC (“Gym tonic like”) This is another way that our school uses to make sure all students do sport. And since young people like music, this type of sport has always a high turn up. It is done on Fridays after classes.


At end of the learning, we have leisure activities to help students beat tiredness due to courses and course works. This is because changing activities helps students beat studies boredom. With this regard, on all Saturdays from 20h30 to 21h30 we have evening shows. These evening shows are prepared by students according to their classes, clubs and movements.

Latest From The School

  • Cultural troupe

    A dance troupe of Ecole des Sciences de Musanze is a group of dancers and associated personnel who work together to perform dances as a spectacle and or entertainment for other students.

  • Reading facility

    Our library provides relevant information resources with new books. We encourage our students to effectively make use of our books.

  • Sport at School

    Sport is one of the key elements we are based on for better studying